Tuesday, March 22, 2011


This one was written about a friend of mine in the UK about 9 years ago. I was looking at his pictures and started thinking. He is someone I still talk to occassionally and he continues to inspires me to this day. Thank you Luke, for this one!

He didn't know I was watching him as he slept that morning. For some reason, I couldn't take my eyes away from his alluring face. I had just met him the night before, and now, there he was, in my bed the following morning, sleeping like an angel.

I remember very little on how or where we met, and honestly... all of that seems irrelevant now. I do remember wanting him, his touch, his taste, all of him. There was such a familiar quality in his eyes, so knowledgable and seemingly omnipotent and yet he looked upon everything as if it were new to him. He was calling to me without words. He shot me a quick glance, and a slight smile. That expression, even now after a night of passionate moments, is forever embedded in my mind. His body glistening in the dim light, his full lips curled in a gorgeous smile.

There was something about him that put me at ease. And at that moment, as I watched him intently, I couldn't explain it. There was a child like serenity exuding from him as he clutched my pillow in his arms. My blanket caressed his naked skin and it shifted softly and ever so gently as I leaned forward to move the one strand of long dark hair that blocked my clear view of his divine features. His smooth skin glowed, almost radiated, a seraphic light. His beauty was uncanny, unworldly. It seemed as if he came from some place that we could never see.

As we made love, the world seemed to stop. Everything was governed by our entwined bodies. I was seemingly in love with him, whom I only knew for 9 hours. I felt like I never had before... calm and at peace. I was content with any trials that life had to throw at me, so long as he was by my side. There are few poets who can capture the sheer essence of beauty in thier words; Lord Byron, Shakespeare, Emily Dickenson... but none of them could ever capture the gracefulness in his appearance. Only 3 words come to mind when describing him... etherial and seemingly angelic.

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