Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Decadent Dionysus

After watching live performances of Led Zeppelin, I decided to write this piece. I find Robert Plant to be one of the most alluring men on stage. He exudes charm and sexuality on stage. Everything from his apperance to his body movements to his choice of clothing all plays into his persona. So after many nights of discussing 1971 Robert Plant with a now no longer friend, I finally found a way to work him into my writing. For your reading pleasure, I give you Decadent Dionysus.

Decadent Dionysus:
     Around a blazing flame, we danced. Our dance of liberation and madness born in the most primal places of our wandering souls. He stood a midst the saturnalia, rejoicing in the freedom he incited. His amber mane whipped about his immaculate face as he sang of love lost and oppulant lands. His lithe body cavorted amongst us as we swayed to the rhythm of his phantom melodies. He raised his arms skywards, begging for the heavens to break and release it's tears upon us. We frolicked as he commanded, without regard for pain or self. He took us to the brink of lunacy and we revelled in it's sublime simplicity. We gave ourselves over to him, relinquishing the control of our sanity for the freedom of his bliss. We danced without care, we loved without fear, and we indulged without limit. He carried us to ecstasy on the wings of sedition and we submitted willingly. We placed him above all in the pantheon of our passions. His beauty was second to none. Our exhalted love, our decadent Prince, coveted above all. Our Dionysus. We drank in his rapture and drunk on his divinity, we made love. Our bodies, an offering of entwining limbs and idolatry for him, our venerable consort. His emboldened azure eyes pierced the midnight veil of our essence, and we surrendered to his earthly appetites. Our precious conqueror, possessor of our singular vitality, Lord of our devotion. Our Golden God, like a candle lighting the dark path to mania, we succumbed to his debauchery.

Now, I wrote this from a literal stand point. To me, Robert Plant embodied all that Dionysus represented; Indulgence, love, and madness. So I imagined him as Dionysus and those who gave in, his priests and priestesses. But after I showed this to my husband, he asked if it was written from a fan's viewpoint in the crowd at a concert. I did not, but I can see how it can be viewed as such. It is both really. What do you see when you read it?


  1. This is amazing writing!! I'll be honest, I don't know much about Led Zepplin or Robert Plant, but this was beautiful. It may be because my girl friend is writing about dances right now and I'm in the frame of mind, but what I saw was almost like a grass dance? (I may have the terminology wrong) but to me, this was an almost sacred event that was beautifully captured!

    1. I will need to show you old concert footage so you can see what I was alluding to. Thanks for commenting. I sort of had that in mind. Sort of like seeing this vast open plain with grasses as high as your waist and being surrounded by people dancing and losing themselves to lust. :-)