Thursday, September 5, 2013

Why I write

I write because I have too much imagination inside. To contain it would be like trying to fit the Atlantic ocean into a fish tank. Once those flood gates are open, there is no stopping it. I have always lived in my own world of ideals and fantasies that are so impractical in the real world. My stories begin as dreams usually. That is where I get my inspiration. Because in my dreams, there are no limitations, no rules. The people I meet in my dreams are not figments of my imagination. I didn't create them to deal with some weird, deep rooted childhood trauma. They are me. They are the aspects of me that I am, that I lost, that I wish I could be. They are fantasy made real by an overactive imagination. There's a saying that a writer doesn't have 1 life, they have many lives.And that is the closest to the truth than I could ever really express.

Some of you know, though most of you don't, I am writing a book. I've been working on it for a long time now and I still don't have more than maybe 3 pages typed. I don't type it up to start though. I write it all down, old school style. Seems impractical to the vast majority, but I feel that it's more personal this way. I know I will have to type it all up eventually, and that is okay. Because when I retype it all, I can reword things and update it all as I see fit.You know, rearranging words and phrases.

I plan of self publishing my book via Amazon, as an e-book. Maybe if enough people like it, it will be made into a movie or something like that horrendous Fifty Shades of Crap. (I know I shouldn't bash other writers, but damn that book is horrible. I read all of 5 pages of that drivel and had to put it down because it was just so bad. I'd give the writer more credit if she made up the characters herself, but she didn't. That whole crappy story began as Twilight fan fiction. And don't get me started on fan fiction.) I don't have any illusions about it though. I know that there are better writers than me whose stories go unnoticed or overlooked by the majority because they are not easily adapted. The same was told to George RR Martin and look at him! The man is a commercial success because of his imagination and his creations. I would love to have that kind of success. I know that isn't the reality of most writers but one could hope.

I don't write because I want to be rich and famous. I write because my imagination and internal world is too massive to contain. I write because I have a gift with words that many don't have. I write because I can.